Larry Carlson, Jr., Principal, has been providing accounting and tax services to businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations for over 25 years.

Providing great customer service and building high quality relationships with clients is his first priority!

Over the past 25 plus years Larry has worked with numerous businesses and nonprofit organizations, helping them to organize and maintain their financial records in an efficient and accurate manner.

Larry has also been teaching and helping business owners and nonprofit groups to understand their tax and reporting obligations, and to assist those groups in hiring and training qualified individuals to accurately maintain their books and records internally.

He has a bachelors degree from Central Connecticut State University.

Here are some other concepts Larry finds important in his business dealings:

ACCURACY Perhaps the most critical part of the occupation. Inaccuracies pose potential serious financial risks and costs. Errors can mislead owners and managers in believing the organization is performing a certain way when in fact it may not be. Errors can also expose the business or nonprofit organization to significant fees, fines and penalties. Double checking any work is indispensable in assuring accuracy.

TRUSTWORTHINESS, CONFIDENTIALITY, AND RELIABILITY Essential and the cornerstone to a valued relationship. Security of financial records also falls into this area. Records must be secure from theft and from loss. Nobody wants to try to recreate years’ worth of records after they are lost.

ABILITY TO WORK WITH OTHERS Most of the time accounting and bookkeeping require interaction with others and many times is a team effort. Understanding, communicating and being comfortable meeting with clients and other stakeholders is essential. The ability to coordinate tasks and work together with others to get things done efficiently is essential.

CONSTANTLY LEARNING Accounting and tax rules and technology are constantly changing. It is necessary to stay updated on the latest changes in the accounting and tax rules as well as the latest financial software and technology. Technology is becoming, more and more, a central part of financial recording and reporting. Being knowledgeable on new technology is vital.